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Concrete relevelling services for the mining industry from Uretek

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article image Uretek's concrete relevelling services were commissioned to raise, relevel and resupport this coal stacker-reclaimer rail in the Hunter Valley

Uretek  offer concrete relevelling and ground support services that can help to solve problems at the mine sites around Australia.

Uretek are able to raise, relevel and resupport moving and sunken:

  • stacker-reclaimer rails
  • conveyor belt towers
  • machinery
  • driveways
  • floors; and
  • whole buildings.
Mines in the Australian outback in particular present several large scale challenges when it comes to carrying out ground support. Days of driving and freighting of large loads of materials can be necessary, and the deadlines are often onerous. Uretek's concrete relevelling services ensure safety issues are addressed fast, effectively and economically, with very little down time and no need for costly closures. They can even carry out work one area at a time and at night time if required.

With Uretek's unique and fast structural resin injection, which has been referred to as keyhole surgery for concrete floors and buildings, bumps, trip hazards and slab movement are eliminated, allowing trucks and forklifts to ride more smoothly and pedestrians to walk more safely.

Uretek offers many concrete levelling and relevelling services to the mining industry. They have experience in:

  • strengthening escape shafts
  • relevelling steel tower structures
  • re-plumbing silos
  • treating deteriorating workshop floors that service very large vehicles
  • correcting deformations in rails that carry enormous stacker-reclaimers.

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