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Airport pavement re-supported by Uretek through slab lifting process

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article image Uretek’s slab lifting process implemented at Perth airport was able to re-support the pavement slabs without replacing them

Uretek implemented a slab lifting process at the Perth domestic airport to ensure the pavement could support the load of aircrafts at the gates after suitable repair.  

The West Australian Airports Corporation in charge of the Perth domestic airport discovered that the slabs at Gates 13 and 14 were pumping and in danger of cracking under the load of the 747s.  

The aircraft travel at their slowest in this area as they come to a stop at the gates. Since the pavements were not designed for modern day loads, the joint seals had allowed water ingress beneath the 2,000m² area of 350mm thick slabs with 900 lineal metres of joints, doweled and keyed.  

Seeking a unique solution that would not interfere with regular aircraft movement in the area, the company approached Uretek to implement their resin technology.  

Uretek’s slab lifting process involves the injection of a precisely mixed expansive resin that chemically expands almost immediately to exert pressure, filling any voids encountered while compacting the foundation ground to re-establish structural support.  

The Uretek crew of five men first drilled tiny holes in a grid pattern over the entire area and then injected Uretek multi-component resin at each point using two injection systems of pumps, hoses and guns. The strong structural resin mix expanded powerfully to fill voids and densify the foundation ground.  

The crew continued the resin injection until positive support was achieved. The process was carefully monitored by laser level to ensure that a very slight lift was achieved, which signified that the slabs were completely re-supported.  

Since the work was executed at night, the airport was able to prevent any interruption to aircraft schedules, and the large area was corrected in just five nights.  

The airport pavement is now capable of supporting the load of 747s, thanks to Uretek’s slab lifting process that helped achieve a positive outcome much faster with far less expense and without the huge traffic disruption that removing and replacing the slabs would have caused. 

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