URETEK is the modern alternative to concrete underpinning and slab replacement services. This includes raising, relevelling and resupporting sunken homes, floors and driveways, floors and machinery bases in factories, warehouses, mines, offices, driveways and parking areas.


Question: 20/03/12 - To arrange a quotation, please contact our nearest office, in Australia by dialling 1800 623 312 or the local number; or by email to info@uretek.com.au  ... read more
Question: 20/03/12 - Yes, The URETEK Method is widely used to correct foundation settlement at commercial and industrial sites. It is also used extensively to correct road ... read more
Question: 20/03/12 - No. Relative to traditional concrete underpinning, with all its disruption and consequential restoration expenses, The URETEK Method is most  cost-effective.
Question: 20/03/12 - URETEK WARRANTY URETEK materials injected below concrete have been specifically engineered to resist shrinkage or deterioration causing significant settlement, ... read more
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31/10/11 - Uretek used their patented resin injection system to successfully re-level office buildings in Sydney to bring them back to their original position.
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05/10/11 - Uretek uses resin injections as a quick, efficient and precise method to re-support and re-level airport runways and other surfaces, causing minimal disruption to service and operations.
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03/10/11 - Uretek has employed its innovative resin injection system for airport pavement rehabilitation at several locations across the world.
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30/09/11 - Uretek has completed over 10,000 projects in Australia and New Zealand, which include several restorations of the foundation ground in heritage buildings involving re-supporting and relevelling the fo
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