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Building, construction and renovation work provided by Urban Vision Group

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Urban Vision Group  specialises in construction and building industry. Urban Vision Group was established on the ground that at every opportunity, it will build projects that leave a client satisfied and challenge the imagination of various customers. Urban Vision Group complete projects that can involve complete renovation that comprise of taking on of something left of field or also a blend of an existing period of building and construction.

Additionally, the challenges taken up by Urban Vision Group include environmental considerations. This extends to the materials used in any project. Urban Vision Group employs those materials that contain low embodied energy. These are created from renewable material source. For outlining the environmental strategies to be incorporated in any project, Urban Vision Group considers design, consultation and building phase of a project. This results in clients’ contribution in evaluating the environmental measures that they are assigning for their project.

The aim of Urban Vision Group is to work with the clients to meet limitations set and thus offering a unique project. The main goal behind all the work extended by Urban Vision Group is to satisfy the clients. Urban Vision Group preferred way of working is client's close collaborative approach.

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