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Upwey Valve & Engineering offer safety isolation valves

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Vital to safety within the hydro power system, safety isolation valves supplied by Upwey Valve & Engineering act in the same way as an electrical fuse, ensuring water flow rates do not exceed specifications.

Safety isolation valves differ from electrical counterparts in that, when they close, they arrest the flow of water rapidly and then shut off slowly.

This prevents run away conditions and prevents hydraulic shock loads, while also slowing down the water in the pipe upstream of the valve at a controlled rate.

If these control valves were to close quickly, fast moving water within the pipes would come to an abrupt halt, causing a high pressure surge which can result in the pipe shaking and emitting a loud knocking noise.

Safety isolation valves serve a range of purposes that include:

  • automatically closing or trips when the flow rate exceeds a specified limit
  • closing in a controlled way designed to prevent excessive pressure surges or water hammer.
  • safely flushing pipelines at flows at 3% to 90% of the nominal closing flow rate; and
  • manual closure to isolate the downstream pipeline.

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