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The cost of mining plant and machinery failure

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Good quality equipment is a key factor in the ability of mines to extract and process large quantities of minerals efficiently and consistently with minimal plant breakdown.

Avoiding equipment that requires frequent maintenance or replacement will save the operator money in the long run. Each time a critical part has to be replaced, the production system is effectively shut down, which leads to waste of time, labour and money. Equipment that fails prematurely because it was poorly specified or made of materials worn down easily by mineral deposits or chemicals in the media will only cause serious loss for the company.

Choosing less expensive machinery may save money initially; however, the risk of failure greatly outweighs the savings.

Equipment that requires frequent replacement is also prone to other forms of breakdown (Low MTBF) and may pose greater business risks such as safety or environmental impact, which increases production costs exponentially.

It makes good business sense to think in terms of a long-term, reliable investment that poses low risk. 

Products from Upwey Valve & Engineering are designed to work in some of the harshest environments and also last for a long time. 

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