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Pressure Regulators WAS/WAT available from Upwey Valve & Engineering

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Upwey Valve & Engineering presents the Pressure Regulators WAS/WAT, a pressure regulator that reduces the upstream pressure to a preset downstream value. The Pressure Regulators WAS/WAT design has shown dynamic water cylinder sealing with corrosion resistant materials in all internal parts.

The Pressure Regulators WAS/WAT features a robust poppet in sleeve design to ensure good guiding and support and a valve that modulates to keep the downstream constant despite variations in flow rate and upstream pressure. The main valve poppet and seat, with a labyrinth grooved type, has proven to be best in “wire drawing” erosion, cavitations and dirt resistance.

Downstream pressure can be regulated up to 19 MPa, however the Pressure Regulators WAS/WAT were normally made to regulate in the range 1.0 – 2.0 Mpa in narrow limits to set the pressure.

Features of the Pressure Regulators WAS/WAT:

  • The Pressure Regulator is controlled by a pilot regulator normally mounted at the top of the valve.
  • Allows for rapid closure to prevent overpressure when the flow through the valve drops suddenly.
  • The valve opens slowly in response to low downstream pressure.
  • The supply pressure must be higher than the desired pressure to allow for internal losses in the valve
  • The wear parts are the same and are used in the HPE range of high pressure water control valves.
  • Maintenance can be done in-line requiring access from one side only.
  • Internal damping control for surging in very large systems adjustable orifice rate control.

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