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Models WVH/WVL HPE external pressure ratio valves from Upwey Valve & Engineering

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HPE external pressure ratio valves available from Upwey Valve & Engineering are designed to reduce high inlet pressure to the valve to low downstream pressure according to a fixed ratio with optional ratio trim to compensate for line pressure losses.  

Part of HPE’s high pressure water control valves range, the external pressure ratio valves are available in two models, each in a different ratio range. The valve control mechanism is dictated by the ratio required.  

While Model WVH operates in a ratio range of 5.2:1 to 10:1, Model WVL has a ratio range of 1.6 to 5:1.  

Unlike standard ratio valves, the ratio is independent of the flow conditions inside the valve, and depends only on the ratio of the areas of the internal control piston in the poppet to the external sensing piston.  

The ratio of reduction is constant at all flow rates from the minimum flow required for control up to the maximum capacity of the valve. Pressure ratios from 1.5:1 up to 6:1 can be provided in the same valve bodies by changing only the size of the external control piston, seal and seal holder.  

The valve can be configured in different ways using various control options including a friction-free pilot regulator, flow sensor, dissipators, hand wheels, stroke limiting spacers and over pressure shutdown among others.  

Key features of HPE external pressure ratio valves: 

  • Offers stable control over the full range of operation from 0 to 100% flow capacity
  • Tamperproof pressure ratio can be changed by selecting the size of the external control piston, seals and seal holders
  • Main valve poppet and seat are proprietary labyrinth grooved type with proven results in wire drawing, cavitation and dirt resistance
  • Ratio will remain within 7% erosion at all flows
  • Valves work well at differential pressures of up to 15 MPa but increasing pressure decreases life
  • Internal parts are made of corrosion-resistant materials
  • Seals stand up to dynamic water sealing
  • Flanges available in all standard configurations
  • Cast steel bodies
  • Valves are maintained in line requiring access from one side only
  • Wear parts are designed to high standards with proven superior durability
  • Valve trim design ensures minimum noise and cavitation

Hydro Power Equipment is based in South Africa and represented in Australia by Upwey Valve & Engineering.

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