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article image Isolation valve with pressure (WIS type) control and hand-wheel (WIP type)

Hydro Power Equipment (HPE) presents a range of manual, pressure and electrically controlled isolation valves.  

HPE’s range includes manual isolation valves (MIV), pressure controlled isolation valves (WIP) and electrically controlled isolation valves (WIE).  

Key applications include: 

  • Isolates flow in the forward flow direction at pressures up to 25 MPa
  • Can be used as a manual isolation valve with a simple hand-wheel
  • May be controlled with high-pressure water or an electric actuator and used as control valves
  • Can be used as pump control valves or pressure sustaining valves since the valve is capable of throttling

HPE’s isolation valves feature a Y-body and poppet-in-cage design resulting in a robust valve with a well-supported poppet, which permits throttling at 25 MPa and allows the valve to be used for pipe filling and flushing.  

The design also provides for the slow and gentle opening and closing of the valve, thereby eliminating pressure surges. HPE’s isolation valves are also available in an angle pattern design.  

Valves over 50NB are fitted with reverse flow protection and will also isolate in the reverse direction.  

Key features of HPE’s isolation valves:  

  • Main valve poppet and seat is a labyrinth grooved type with proven application in ‘wire drawing’ erosion, cavitation and dirt resistance
  • Stainless steel poppet and seat elements
  • Only one small full pressure working seal
  • Can be closed using a small hand-wheel that is turned with one hand to shut off at pressures of 25 MPa
  • Control can be manual or by rotary electric actuator or servo cylinder
  • Servo cylinder controlled valves can be manually overridden to close for added safety
  • Internal parts are built with corrosion resistant materials
  • Stands up to dynamic water cylinder sealing
  • Maintenance can be done in-line requiring access from the hand wheel side only
  • Valves must always be primed before full performance can be achieved
  • Maintenance-free if installed correctly in a non-corrosive atmosphere and if the water is non-corrosive and free from solids
  • Designed to ANSI B16.34

Hydro Power Equipment is based in South Africa and represented in Australia by Upwey Valve & Engineering .


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