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Surge relief valves (SRV) available from Hydro Power Equipment are designed to rapidly open when the pressure reaches a pre-set limit, eliminating excessive pressure surges or overpressures.  

The valves are installed on pipelines that need to be protected against excess pressure spikes.  

The HPE gas charged surge relief valves feature a very low inertia to facilitate the relief of high-pressure spikes of short and long duration. The surge relief valves discharge into the atmosphere (preferred) or a discharge line as required.  

The number of valves required depends on the working pressure, the over-pressure when relieving and whether the SRV is connected in series with a manual isolation valve (MIV).  

Key features of HPE surge relief valves: 

  • Reinforced sealing diaphragm for optimum gas sealing and high abrasion resistance
  • Diaphragm stroke is limited to prevent valve damage
  • High working pressures
  • Radial flow design on the diaphragm prevents diaphragm creep and allows high working pressure
  • Flanges available in all standard configurations

Hydro Power Equipment is based in South Africa and represented in Australia by Upwey Valve & Engineering .

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