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HPE high pressure pipe couplings from Upwey Valve & Engineering

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Hydro Power Equipment (HPE) offers a range of high pressure pipe couplings comprised of pipe clamps and hubs that provide a safe, easy and economical way of joining high pressure pipes compared with traditional flanges.  

HPE high pressure pipe couplings consist of a pair of clamps with a tapered recess machined into them to fit over tapered hubs welded onto the ends of the pipe. A firm but elastic seal ring fits into the grooves machined in the faces of the hub, providing an alignment spigot for assembly and an effective seal. The clamps are pulled together with two or four bolts.  

The hubs are made from wrought steel and are factory welded onto the pipes.  

Key features of HPE high pressure pipe couplings: 

  • Quick and simple installation
  • Robust seals are re-usable many times over
  • Secondary leak protection baffles are not required
  • Mechanically and pressure loaded seal ensures it will work under positive, negative and alternating pressures
  • Clamp and hub joint is lighter, more compact, quicker to install and less expensive  than flanges of similar rating
  • Joint can be twisted to any angle eliminating the bolt-hole alignment requirements of flanges
  • Full bore hub prevents flow restriction and turbulence
  • Relief space provided between the clamps allows corroded bolts to be removed with a cutting torch without damaging the clamp
  • Designed in accordance with ANSI/ASME VIII
  • Designs tested and approved by CSIR Miningtek to burst pressure in excess of 5 times the rated working pressure

Hydro Power Equipment is based in South Africa and represented in Australia by Upwey Valve & Engineering .

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