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Print solutions offered by Upstream Technology

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Upstream Technology  is one of the leading print solution companies in Australia. Upstream Technology was established by Neil Tilley and Gordon Hoen. Both are print / copy industry veterans and known Australian entrepreneurs. Upstream Technology aims at tapping into smarter documents. Upstream Technology states that both buyers and vendors should focus on driving best deal on equipment costs. This has to be done by paying attention on operating costs like service, IT administration, consumables and financing.

By educating customers regarding the cost of output, Upstream Technology reduced its overall costs and offered more transparent and cost effective package to the clients. The vision of Upstream Technology is to assist clients in reducing the cost and hassles of document output management. Upstream Technology has merged with Print Solutions Australia to become Upstream Print Solutions, which is one of the largest independent print solutions companies in Australia.

Additionally, Upstream Technology has become one of the fastest growing and successful businesses in Australia by cutting back money for several other companies. Upstream Technology claims that it is not pressurised by overseas manufacturing parent company to sell or purchase one particular brand of equipment. Upstream Technology with its print solutions provides superior quality products and service levels of the industry.

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