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Water coolers and filters offered by Unlimited Water

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Unlimited Water  is specialist supplier of water coolers. These are user friendly, simple and cost effective products. Unlimited Water also offers water coolers that are robust, streamlined and efficient. In commercial drinking water, cooler systems and filters from Unlimited Water are like any other office service. Unlimited Water can also upgrade clients’ bottled spring water coolers to commercial grade filtered water coolers with reduced seamless installation.

Additionally, Unlimited Water’s water cooler and filter configuration treats the mains water supplies by adding chlorine. The multi-stage water filters offered by Unlimited Water chemicals and impurities along with heavy metal removal and microbiological control. This helps in retaining the taste of the water and provides clean and food grade drinking water. Filters manufactured by Unlimited Water are tested in accordance with NSF International, which is authority for drinking water systems.

Water filter usage is managed by Unlimited Water, in accordance with these International and Australian standards. Dispensers and drinking fountains are also made available by Unlimited Water. These have standards compliant inner construction and high capacity performance, neatly encased in a compact body. As water comes out from the water cooler, the dispenser refills it repeatedly and automatically by mains pressure.

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