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Safety equipment, technical services and consumables supplied by Unlimited Spaces

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Unlimited Spaces  has established relationship with some of the leading Australia's safety suppliers. Unlimited Spaces provides complete range of safety equipment, technical services and consumables of well recognised safety brands. Some of the offerings from Unlimited Spaces include spill containment systems, lockout/tag out systems, signage, hazardous material control, confined space entry and more. Unlimited Spaces also recommend OHS Consultant for the clients’ workplace.

Through Safety Activity Station™, Unlimited Spaces offers visible location for safety activities that also include displaying safety performance and procedures, toolbox talks and safety training, alert staff of incidents and injuries, conducting inductions for contractors, storing safety equipment and more. First Aid Activity Station™ made available by Unlimited Spaces combines first aid supplies with signage, storage for portable kits and information and document display for emergency procedures. First Aid Activity Station™ extends tools that help in enhancing the effectiveness of emergency response system.

Lockout Tagout Activity Station™ is another offering from Unlimited Spaces. Lockout Tagout Activity Station™ offers right lockout devices to isolate plant that includes machinery, appliances, equipment and tools. Lockout Tagout Activity Station™ supplies a base to manage registers of defective plants, train in isolation procedures, store lockout devices, padlocks, tags and ties, administer maintenance work orders and more.

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