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Custom built HVAC gaskets available for order now from Universal Gaskets

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Universal Gaskets are manufacturers of gaskets for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry. They carry material suitable for most modern refrigerants and have a wide variety of shapes for equipment manufactured by most original HVAC equipment manufacturers.

Universal Gaskets cut the shapes of their HVAC gaskets with purpose built tools or using their CNC equipment. The company can cut and ship a gasket in the material required to anywhere in the world within hours of receiving an order.

To place an order for an HVAC gasket from Universal Gaskets, customers should identify the shape they need to fit the equipment being servicing. Next they need to select a material suitable for the operating conditions and fluid to be contained. Specifying the thickness of the material to suit the conditon of the surfaces to be sealed is alos important.

To assist customers with ordering an HVAC gasket, Universal Gaskets offer access to their comprehensive shape library. If the shape required is not shown in the library, the customer can simply provide Universal Gaskets with a sample or dimensioned drawing and they will prepare a file for their CC equipment, or make up a tool, free of charge.

After the shape of the HVAC gasket has been identified the customer should select their material. If they are not sure what material should be used, the team at Universal Gaskets would be happy to offer their recommendation. They customer need only advise of the types of fluids the HVAC gasket will contain and the temperature and pressure range it will experience.

When it comes to the thickness of the material, thinner is better. However if the flange face is rough or not flat the material will need to be thicker to allow more compression of the gasket material so that it will deform to the surface imperfections of the flange.

Once all of these elements have been chosen Universal Gaskets will be pleased to provide a quote or take HVAC gasket orders, confirming the price and delivery date by return fax or email.

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