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Non-rotating pneumatic cylinder

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UNIVER's non-rotating Z Series cylinder incorporates a patented ‘octagonal barrel’ design which prevents the rotation of the octagonal piston. The rod's resistance to torque represents an effective solution to traditional problems of anti-rotation and light duty guidance.

The piston is manufactured from acetatic resin which is wear resistant and self lubricating to ensure a long and trouble free life with a maximum axis deviation of only 2° after 4000km.

The piston seals and cushioning have been finished in a wear-resistant nitrilic compound and are suitable to function with or without lubrication. The double lip shape allows for compensation against wear so that the seal is constant.

The octagonal design has between 20 and 30 times more bearing surface than most conventional non-rotating cylinders which enables higher torsional loads with the maximum applicable torque being 1.4Nm.

Further, the bumpers are made from synthetic material to eliminate the mechanical stress and reduce noise levels (lower than 50dB).

Designed to meet ISO and VDMA dimensions, the non-rotating cylinder is available in bore sizes 32 to 63mm. Univer03 9793 0377.

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