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Disk Drives and Military Systems from Unitronix

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Unitronix  is an Australian company supplying COTS electronics for telecommunications, defence and real time systems. Unitronix also gives lifetime support for electronics in the military and civil programs. From memory devices to telecoms the product catalog of Unitronix is vast.

The memory devices from Unitronix include Turbo compact flash card, flask disk, solid state disk and Turbo 419 an IDE interface. Memory from 4 to 32 GB capacities are available. Disk drives like CD/DVD drives, hard drive units of sealed magnetic removable or non removable types which are shock and vibration tested, optical drive units used in avionics, shipboard systems, docking bays, DAT tape drives, Rack mountain drives bays are included in the product portfolio.

Military systems integrates commands, controls capabilities and displays it. These systems from Unitronix include features like radio control, touch screen and bezel button. These systems are also transportable and operational in vehicles. Future integration of subsystems is possible by the open architecture of the military systems. Intercommunication system, Rugged wearable PC, CDU, Ethernet switches, VSAS, vehicle signaling units are the types of military systems.

Crosswright Graphics PMC, Sabre imaging platform, video crosspoint switch, Scan converter PMC, PCI card for desktop are the products under the Graphics category from Untronix. Further, DSP – FPGA – SDR products manufactured by CHAMP are also available. I/O and data products from Tekmicro and PrismTech are also distributed by Unitronix.

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