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U-WEIGH weighbridge software has been designed from the onset to satisfy the weighing requirements of the quarry and extractive industries.

Available from United Engineering & Software Pty Ltd , split weighing functionality (through the use of stored tare weights or double weighing) has been incorporated in both the attended and unattended versions of the software.

The unattended version can even be linked to a proximity card reader, allowing truck drivers to automatically perform entire transactions with just the swipe of a card.

The system includes features to aid in the categorisation of products (for the purposes of reporting) as well as multiple levels of pricing.

Products can have a default price or be charged at a special rate depending on customer or even site.

Individual transactions can now include multiple items (both weighed and non-weighed), which can be recorded and printed onto a single docket (POS style, laser printed or even multipage pre-printed stationary).

Eighteen different reports can be produced including product breakdowns, customer statements, job reports and GST summaries.

Transaction data can be exported in Excel, MYOB and Quickbook formats as well as imported in the native U-Weigh format (useful for merging data from multiple sites).

A job database helps keep track of product usage per customer, per order.

The system also includes a quotes database to facilitate in the creation and tracking of customer issued quotes.

The transaction editor allows existing transactions to be edited, as well as allowing new transactions to be manually created using a simple and intuitive interface.

U-Weigh offers a number of system administrative functions. An archive and restore feature enables transactions from the live data store to be moved into an archive for the purposes of backup.

Live and archived data can both be accessed at any time for the purposes of reporting.

An audit trail feature has also been included. System logs allow administrators to track time and user details of all transactions created and/or edited as well as any changes that are made to database records.

Other technical advances include an MDI interface that allows multiple transactions to be performed at the one time (even while reporting or making database changes). It has been designed to work natively in the Paradox or SQL database platforms (or a hybrid of the two).

When operating under the SQL server database platform, the software provides for thin client functionality (United Engineering’s backoffice application), allowing for remote database maintenance and reporting.

Other features include:

* Stand-alone or LAN/WAN networked

* User level password security allowing access to individual modules/functions

* Exporting to CSV, XLS, TXT, IFF, MYOB and other specified formats

* Archiving and purging muliple site interfacing

* Report filtering allowing refined searches

* Comprehensive transaction editor

* Complete audit trails

Options include: unattended operation, card reader, barcode reader, cash draw, traffic lights, boom gates and sensors.

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