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United Engineering & Software Pty. Ltd.  offers a range of software applications for industrial and commercial use.  

Their batching system (Version 2009) offers advantages such as improved customer tracking, improved product and price tracking, improved vehicle tracking, improved orders interface as well as invoicing and data replication features.

Improved customer tracking benefits in the batching system include:

  • Individually priced customer contracts can be viewed onscreen, printed, faxed or emailed
  • Quotations system is able to automatically convert quotes to contracts
  • Flexible pricing feature allows prices to be set and automatically applied within a specified date period or rolled over at a later date for future price updates
  • Pricing grid identifies customers with common mixes and automatically applies price increases
  • Activity reports with individual reports for highlighting sales categorised by mixes

Improved product and price tracking benefits in the batching system include:

  • Unique price lists and stock maintenance for operations with multiple sites
  • Purchases module for automatic registering of materials inwards (including reports of material purchases, stock levels and optional goods inwards docket printing)
  • Automatic calculation of batch recipes for automatic batching (on automatic system) or batch card creation (manual systems)

Improved vehicle tracking benefits in the batching system include:

  • Contractor database allowing linking of contractors to trucks as well as applicable cartage rates
  • Truck scheduling module highlighting location of trucks and ETA for returning to plant

Improved orders interface benefits in the batching system include:

  • Order wizard for simplifying the creation of orders, especially recording of telephone orders
  • New BATCHBOARD feature, an electronic run sheet displaying list of daily orders in chronological sequence and highlighting completed or overdue orders
  • Recording of quoted price and user-varied price to aid with unauthorised price variations

Invoicing feature allows:

  • Automatic reproduction or exporting of transactional data into a large number of different accounting packages (including SAP, Great Plains, Pronto, MYOB and QuickBooks)
  • RCTI and statement generation for payment of contractors  

Data replication feature allows:

  • Automatic real-time replication of data between sites allowing centralised control of data and real-time reporting of transactions
  • Transfer of orders between sites (on multi-site operations)

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