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United Air Specialists SFC downward flow cartridge dust collectors for pharmaceutical processing

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article image SFC 48-4 used for dietary supplement blending, compression and tableting

SFC dust collectors available from United Air Specialists (Sales) offer an ideal solution for emissions generated during pharmaceutical formulation processes.

Dust collectors used in the pharmaceutical industry often require modifications including ledge-free design, stainless steel finish and washdown capabilities. Selecting an air cleaning system for pharmaceutical processing requires careful consideration given that emissions including fine dusts and powders given out during production can pose a threat to the respiratory health of employees and jeopardise the purity of end-products, especially when the dusts are sub-micron in size.

The SFC downward flow cartridge dust collectors from United Air Specialists are designed for effective powder reclamation in addition to delivering benefits such as cleaner air, longer filter life, easy maintenance and overall cost savings.

Available in a variety of sizes to suit diverse application needs, the SFC dust collectors can be used full-time or for various batch operations such as blending, coating, cross-contamination control, drying, encapsulating, granulating, mixing, packaging, polishing, product recovery, sorting or tablet pressing.

Key features of SFC dust collectors:

  • Obstruction-free, horizontal filter arrangement with patented pulse cleaning mechanism effectively cleans cartridge filters
  • Provides 25% or more pulse cleaning power than other similar sized systems
  • Significant savings from fewer pulses and less use of compressed air
  • MERV 15 cartridge filters last up to twice as long as standard commodity filters
  • Protura Nanofiber filters ensure low pressure drop due to fine web-like coating on filter surface
  • Less pulse cleaning results in less filter changes and lower energy costs
Options available for dust collection systems:

  • Bag In/Bag Out Filter Change
  • Bin Level Indicators
  • Clean In Place (CIP)/ Wash Down Capability
  • Explosion Vents
  • HEPA Safety After-Filter
  • Ledge-Free Design
  • Polished Finish
  • Stainless Steel 304 & 316
  • Fire/Explosion Suppression System

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