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UAS clean air solutions help educational institutions control indoor air pollution

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United Air Specialists (Sales)  specialises in the supply of a comprehensive range of clean air solutions to help control air pollution in indoor environments.

Indoor air pollution control has become a high priority issue within educational institutions, with public, vocational and trade schools, community colleges and even large universities required to meet compliance laws to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment.

Key considerations include student and teacher safety, reducing operational costs, environmental compliance, enhanced education experience, enrolment benefits and community standing.

The safety and health of both students and faculty is a top priority for any educational institution. Fumes and dusts generated during processes such as welding, wood working and ceramics are known to be hazardous when inhaled and therefore need to be controlled.

Worker safety organisations including the OSHA and NIOSH have standards regulating exposure limits for sub-micronic particulate such as the by-products of welding. The American Welding Society (AWS) issues safety recommendations on how to safely control welding fume. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has also issued standards on the safe collection of combustible and/or explosive material.

Apart from delivering clear health benefits, well designed air pollution control systems can also save operational costs in several areas. Conditioned air (heated or cooled) can be safely recirculated into the facility to reduce energy consumption with advanced filter technology offering higher operational efficiencies, reduced cleaning cycles and extended filter life.

Pollutants migrating throughout the entire facility can cause damage to the HVAC system, resulting in frequent clean-up and maintenance requirements. By preventing this migration, building maintenance costs can be reduced.

Environmental compliance is a key requirement in the operation of any education institution. When fumes and pollutants generated during processes such as welding are simply exhausted outdoors without being filtered, it can result in both odour and pollution being emitted into the environment, causing problems with neighbours especially in urban locations, in addition to violating local air quality standards set by the EPA or other regional authority.

United Air Specialists (Sales) is a leading clean air solutions provider within the air pollution control industry, delivering products and expertise for the specific air pollution control needs of the educational segment.

Smoke and Fume Extraction

Fume control is most commonly handled through local ventilation by capturing the fume at the source using smaller, local systems or a single central dust collection system. Safety in weld fume collection systems begins with selecting a filter media capable of collecting the sub-micron particulate in an efficient manner. UAS ProTura Nanofiber is the optimum solution with its MERV 15 rating and surface loading characteristics.

The smoke and fume extraction system should also include appropriate safety features such as fire retardant media and spark deterrence. SFC cartridge dust collectors, Smog-Hog electrostatic precipitators, W series fume extraction products and a full line of extraction arms are recommended from the UAS product portfolio.

Wood Working Dust Control

Wood dust can include long curly strings from machines such as lathes or planners and fine dust from sanding or cutting. The dust characteristics are an important consideration in the system design and dust equipment selection. Wood dust being explosive, it requires safety measures in accordance with applicable NFPA standards. Generally, these provisions require the dust collectors to be located indoors or near an outdoor wall to accommodate explosion deflagration.

UAS’ solutions for wood working applications include cartridge dust collectors, cyclone collectors, downdraft benches and shaker bag houses that can all be equipped with the safety features necessary to achieve NFPA compliance, such as fire retardant media, sprinkler connections and explosion vents.

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