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Smog-Hog Air Pollution Control system from United Air Specialists

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Smog-Hog industrial air cleaning systems, available from United Air Specialists reduce airborne contaminants that are caused by a range of industrial processes.

Smog-Hog systems capture respirable fraction particles (those most damaging to the lungs), which results in a safer and healthier workplace.

Smog-Hog systems reduce energy costs by recirculating the clean air back into the plant. Applications include collecting welding and oil smoke, grinding dust, machining plastics, metalworking process contaminants, etc.

Optional modern cleaning systems are available for Smog-Hog units, thus reducing manual cleaning.

Smog-Hog Air Pollution Control systems reduce airborne particulate caused by a wide range of industrial processes before they are emitted into the outside atmosphere.

United Air Specialists, (UAS) has developed the use of multiple technologies to pre-condition and clean the dirty air stream. Smog-Hog Air Pollution Control (APC) systems are modularised to meet the most exacting performance standards for clean air.

Developed specifically to collect heat-generated organic vapours and particulate, Smog-Hog APC systems control hazardous emissions that pose a threat to our environment and possibly to your business.

Smog-Hog Air Pollution Control systems are more effective in capturing sub-micron particulate at an operating cost far less than any other type of emission control device.

Applications include collecting contaminants from plastics manufacture, rubber-cutting, forging, textile finishing, food processing, etc. For applications, which require totally pre-packed units, cleaning systems, heat recovery and pre-cooling devices are also available.

United Air Specialists has, for the past 20 years, provided dust control, fume control and vacuum solutions to air quality problems by designing, engineering, manufacturing, servicing and installing air cleaning and vacuum systems for the mining, sugar, food, pharmaceutical, fast food, educational and general industry.

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