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Clean air solutions from United Air Specialists for food processing facilities

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Leading solutions provider for the air pollution control industry, United Air Specialists (Sales) offers products and expertise to meet the needs of the food processing industry.

Controlling emissions is an important issue for industrial food processing facilities where it is critical to implement pollution control solutions that will capture visible cooking emissions and odour in an effective, safe and economical manner.

Identifying the right clean air solution depends on considerations such as regulatory compliance, controlling emissions and nuisance odours, and enhanced performance of existing equipment.

Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Food processing facilities are feeling the impact of increasingly stringent federal and local regulations for air quality, which require them to control emissions generated during cooking processes by identifying effective solutions that also meet regulatory compliance. Emissions include particulate matter such as smoke, oil or grease and may also include odour.

Control Emissions and Nuisance Odours

Since food processing facilities are located in both urban and rural areas, uncontrolled cooking emissions can coat facility roofs, cars in proximate parking lots and even neighbouring buildings or homes, causing issues with local residents. Municipalities are even asking food processors that have been in business at a location for many years to now address and control their emissions in order to support other development projects in the area.

Enhance Existing Operations

Incinerators that are expensive to purchase, operate and maintain are mainly used to control cooking emissions. By reducing emissions with an air pollution control device, incinerators can be reduced in size or even eliminated to save on operating costs and extend maintenance intervals, all while reducing emissions.

UAS clean air solutions

Clean air solutions delivered by United Air Specialists (UAS) for the food processing industry include the Smog-Hog system used in a wide variety of industrial food processing applications by customers such as the Evans Food Group as well as for high-profile commercial kitchen applications at the World Trade Center, Rockefeller Center and Yankee Stadium.

Proven Technology, Optimum Performance

Ideally suited for controlling emission in industrial cooking applications, UAS’ Smog-Hog electrostatic precipitator (ESP) process charges particles and strips them from the airstream, capturing even sub-micronic contaminants and leaving only clean air to be exhausted from the unit. This technology offers high levels of efficiency with low pressure drop for a proven combination of performance and low energy consumption. The ESP collection cells can be cleaned so there is no need for recurring filter replacement purchases.

Flexible System Configuration for Smoke, Grease and Odour Control

UAS offers configurable systems that can accommodate a wide range of airflows along with customisable options to tackle challenging processes.

These include:

  • For heavy particulate loading such as wood-fired cooking or smoking applications, multiple passes can be used to achieve higher levels of removal efficiency
  • For grease or sticky particulate, in-place cell washing systems are available with extended maintenance intervals
  • To control odour, carbon or potassium permanganate filters are available
UAS systems are ETL listed and can be equipped to work with Ansul fire suppression systems for additional safety.

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