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article image The H5000 impeller from Allmix.

THE impeller used on a mixer is the most important component of all. It is the type of impeller, its size and rotational speed that determines the specifications of every other component of the mixer.

Further, there is no particular impeller type that performs all mixing tasks adequately.

There are a great number of different impellers and the selection of the correct mixer for the duty is essential to the performance of the production line.

Below are some of Allmix’s more common types of impellers and turbines typically used in industry.


The axial flow impeller produces high flow for a relatively low power.

Typical applications of the H3000 include low viscosity blending, heat transfer, storage tanks and silos and solids suspension.

The largest user of this form of mixer is the water and waste water treatment industry for the addition of chemicals prior to filtration and clarifying.


This high solidity impeller produces high flow for moderate power.

Typical applications include medium to high viscosity blending and gassing applications.


This mixer imparts relatively high power consumption when used in medium to high viscosity ranges. It imparts medium levels of shear.

Typical applications include medium to high viscosity blending and low level mixing.


This mixer features high specific power consumption and is suitable for low level mixing.

High shear impeller

This multi-tipped impeller is used at high peripheral speeds. It imparts high levels of shear.

The machine is used for solids dispersion, typically in the paint and ink industries.

As with many other impellers, a single impeller type may not be adequate for the task at hand and often a combination of impellers are used.

The axial flow impeller above the high shear disc is used to impart flow in the product and thereby increase the efficiency of the mixing system

A number of less common impeller types are found in more specific applications, for example emulsifiers, anchor and spiral impellers for high viscosity products, retreat blade turbines and gate type flocculator impellers.

Folding impellers are supplied when access is limited by the bung diameter.

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