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Near-dry machining lubrication systems

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US-based Unist Incorporated has appointed Unist Australia exclusive agent in Australia and New Zealand for its range of fluid dispensing and fluid products, and its near-dry machining (NDM) technique.

Unist Australia now offers the latest technology for all metal cutting applications, such as milling, drilling, boring, tapping, sawing, and any other metal cutting process.

Near-dry machining (NDM) can be used with automatic screw machines; CNC turning, vertical and horizontal with or without coolant fed turrets; CNC milling vertical and horizontal with and with out coolant fed spindles; rotary index machines; sanders; and transfer machines.

Along with the range of dispensing products, Unist Australia now offers Coolube 2210 and 2210EP vegetable-based cutting fluids.

The use of Coolube 2210 product offers lower shop maintenance costs by producing clean chips, clean parts and clean machines and the elimination of the drawbacks flood coolant systems create.

Repeatable cost savings can be gained due to the biodegradability, non-toxic nature of the fluid.

By adopting NDM principles, lubrication fluid is consumed in the cutting operation resulting in there being no fluid disposal and no recycling.

Unist NDM systems may be configured to apply minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) to the tool/part interface of all metal cutting machines, including through the turret and through spindle coolant applications.

The systems use cc's of fluid per shift rather that litres per shift when using flood cooling. The elimination of flood coolants increases production and reduces manufacturing costs by around 15% while tool life has been shown to increase up to 300%.

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