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article image The Model 2650 spectrum analyser

B&K Precision Corporation, represented by Unispan , has released the Model 2650 spectrum analyser. It is a cost-effective, handheld, PC compatible 3.3GHz device, weighing less than 2kg including battery.

The unit is ideal for use in the evaluation of W-CDMA, CDMA, GSM, PDC, PHS, Wireless LAN, 802.11, and Bluetooth systems. It has a frequency range from 50KHz to 3.3GHz and an auto tuning function, channel power measurements, adjacent channel power measurements, occupied bandwidth measurements. It can also perform electric field strength measurements and magnetic field strength measurements.

The Model 2650 can be utilised for pre-compliance testing during development prior to third party testing. It is extremely flexible and can be put to work either in the field or on the bench. It can test cable TV levels and frequency responses or master antenna TV systems. It can be used for measuring communications transmitter spurious radiation, locating sources of EMI or to measure unwanted RF radiation. The built-in RS-232 PC interface allows the user to either control the analyser's settings or to sample signals and then save, manipulate or print the imported signals. A light-weight portable printer is available as an option.

The Model 2650 is capable of precisely measuring the magnetic field distribution on an LSI or a printed circuit board using the optional magnetic field probe. It is possible to measure the electric field strength by connecting a dipole antenna to the input connector. A dipole antenna is available for PDC 800MHz and GSM 900MHz band, PDC 1500MHz band, PHS, W-CDMA and GSM 1800 / 1900MHz band, 2.4GHz wireless LAN and Bluetooth.

The Model 2650's front panel display provides many measurement parameters such as centre frequency, marker frequency and attenuation levels. Other features include save/recall, and frequency and level marker. It can measure frequency signals from 50KHz to 3.3GHz, 3dB resolution bandwidth, 100Hzto 300KHz video bandwidth, -90dbc/Hz (typical) SSB phase noise and a spurious Response of less than -60dBc.

Optional PC software, AK 2650 and serial interface cable allow the Model 2650 to display screen resolutions on a PC that are four times greater then the 250 points normally displayed on the horizontal axis of the Model 2650's LCD display. The Model 2650 samples its input at 1000 points per sweep and it can output these points through its RS-232 port to a PC (the maximum transfer rate is 38,400bps). The AK 2650 software not only allows for clearer screen images but it also allows spectrum analyser setup via a PC.

The use of the optional PT 2650 portable printer permits the user to print hard copies of screen images. The printer can be operated by an ac adaptor or four AA batteries. The operating time when powered by alkaline batteries is approximately 30 minutes (when used continuously), which makes it possible to produce about 80 hard copy screen images. The PT 2650 comes with one roll of thermal paper.

The Model 2650 Spectrum Analyzer comes complete with AC power supply/charger, soft carrying case, accessory pouch, fuse, Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack and instruction manual. Optional antennas, cables, probes, remote stand-alone printer and coupling adapters are available.

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