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Programmable, single output dc power supply

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article image Exceptional control and accuracy.

B&K Precision Corporation, represented by Unispan Instruments , has announced the addition of the Model 9120, the first of a series of programmable, single output digital dc power supplies, to its expanding line of power supplies.

Utilising a standard 240V ac outlet as the power source, the new bench top unit provides clean, stable and reliable power offering a programmable output of 0 to 30V, 0 to 3A.

Model 9120 offers exceptional control and accuracy at a very reasonable price and is an ideal supply for educational, service and maintenance, R&D lab verification, manufacturing and other applications that require clean, reliable power.

Some of the features of the Model 9120 include:

* 10mV and 1mA display resolution.

* RS232 interface.

* SCPI compatible.

* Remote sensing.

* Front & rear output terminals.

* Low noise.

* Excellent regulation.

* Temperature stability.

* Fast transient response time.

* Closed case calibration.

* Sheathed safety banana jacks.

The Model 9120 is designed to meet the needs of today's applications that require clean reliable power and excellent performance. With a meter resolution of 10mV and 1mA is ideal for low power surface mount circuits that require very precise voltage and current settings.

New microprocessor control circuitry permits the Model 9120 to offer unmatched temperature stability and remarkably fast transient response times with a load regulation of 0.01% +3mV.

The unit can power-up to the same state it was when it was powered-off. This allows the supply to go back to work as soon as power is restored whether the power-off was intentional or caused by a power outage.

There is enough non-volatile memory to store up to 100 power supply settings allowing quick and easy testing when multiple voltage and current values are required.

The Model 9120 comes with an RS232 interface that permits the user to program both voltage and current through a standard serial COM port. All of the power supply parameters can be programmed and monitored.

For safety, the Model 9120 utilises 4mm sheathed safety banana jacks. The jacks are designed for safe interfacing and allow the unit to meet the latest international safety standards.

Front panel indicators and controls include an OFF/ON power switch, a high resolution LCD, closed case calibration, and encoder knob for quick analogue-like control.

The compact bench top unit (3.15" D x 8.27" W x 15"D) (8 x 21 x 38cm) only weighs 12.5 lb. (5.6kg) and features rear output and remote sensing terminals.

Available for immediate delivery, the Model 9120 comes with B&K Precision Corporation's one-year warranty, user manual, and line cord. A number of accessories are available and listed on B&K Precision's website.

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