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Pocket flashlight/ac voltage detector

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B&K Precision Corporation, represented by Unispan Instruments , has introduced the SenseLite, a patented, fully functional, high intensity, battery powered flashlight with a non-contact ac voltage detection circuit and red LED indicator.

This compact, lightweight, portable, battery-powered unit is handheld and used to illuminate the work area when tracing ac circuits in dark areas or behind equipment.

The SenseLite high intensity pocket flashlight can be used to detect the presence of ac voltage at a socket, switch or wire.

Simply place the flashlight near the area to be tested and press the power button. If there is an ac voltage present, the red LED will shine brightly.

Features include:

* Ac voltage detection (detects ac voltage from 40V ac to 300V ac).

* Water resistant.

* Long battery life with 100,000-hour bulb.

In addition to detecting the presence of ac voltage, the SenseLite is a fully functional, adjustable, high intensity LED flashlight that can be placed on a key chain or in a glove compartment for everyday use.

The pure white light produced by SenseLite is also suitable for camping, boating, and any activity that requires night vision in true color.

Measuring a compact 16mm x 21mm x 72mm and weighing only 0.9oz including battery, the SenseLite is powered by a standard alkaline AAA battery.

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