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PC-compatible programmable dc power supply

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article image The Model 1788 provides high accuracy and resolution.

B&K Precision Corporation, represented in Australia by Unispan Instruments Pty Ltd , has introduced a high performance, single output, cost-effective, PC-compatible programmable dc power supply to its expanding line of power supplies, the Model 1788.

The new bench top unit uses a standard 240/115ac outlet as the power source and provides clean, stable and reliable power offering a programmable output of 0V to 32V, 0A to 6A.

The Model 1788 offers exceptional control and accuracy at a very reasonable price and is a suitable supply for educational, service and maintenance, R&D lab verification, manufacturing and other applications that require clean, reliable power.

Features include:

* 10mV/10mA selectable display resolution

* RS-232 interface and software (USB interface optional)

* Sixteen user programmable preset outputs

* Soft rubber numeric keypad

* Adjustable and constant voltage outputs

* Adjustable and constant current outputs

* High accuracy and resolution (10mV/10mA)

* Excellent load and line resolution

* Limit voltage protection

* Controllable output ON/OFF switch

* Closed case calibration

* Low ripple noise

* Excellent temperature stability.

The Model 1788 is designed to meet the needs of today's applications that require reliable power and excellent performance. The system offers new levels of ‘ease-of-use’ and programmable functionality. Direct key-in entry makes voltage and current selection fast, accurate and easy. In-case calibration allows for simple, uninterrupted, cost-effective operation.

New microprocessor control circuitry permits the Model 1788 to offer unmatched temperature stability and remarkably fast transient response times with a load regulation of 0.02% +5mV. The unit can power-up to the same state it was when it was powered-off. This allows the supply to go back to work as soon as power is restored whether the power-off was intentional or caused by a power outage. In-case calibration allows for simple, cost-effective uninterrupted operation.

The compact bench top unit (10" x 4.6" x 15") only weighs 16.5 lb (7.5 Kg) and can be used in series or parallel modes with additional power supplies. Available for immediate delivery, the device comes with B&K Precision Corporation's one-year warranty, user manual and line cord. A number of accessories are available.

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