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article image The VSP12010 high power switching dc power supply.

B&K Precision Corporation, represented by Unispan Instruments , has announced the availability of the third member of its family of high-power, low-noise dc power supplies.

The Model VSP12010 high power switching dc power supply is compatible with most computers via a standard RS232 serial port. Future models in the family will provide communication via GPIB interface.

The new unit utilises modern switch mode technology to produce a high-power, low-noise switching supply that costs around 25 percent less than linear supplies with the same power. Model VSP12010 offers as much as 1.2 kilowatts in a 19-inch rack-mounted chassis that measures just 1U (1.75 inches) in height.

The Model VSP12010 power supply, with an output of 0-120V dc, 0-10A, is ideal for applications ranging from automatic test equipment to R&D labs, to telecommunications.

Among the many features of the Model VSP12010 are:

* Precise output voltage control via manual tuning utilising front panel mounted Ten-tern potentiometers and three-digit meters; remote control from an RS232 interface; analogue remote sensing automatically maintains desired voltage at load level of power cable.

* Provides 1.2kW at 120V output voltage.

* Compact 1U (1.75 inch by 19 inch) rack mountable cabinet.

* Up to nine units can be cascaded, producing more that 10kW of dc power.

* Front-to-back airflow allows full power operation without space between supplies.

Behind the performance advantages of the Model VSP12010 are two significant advances in switching techniques. One is soft switching; the other is a two-device asynchronous half-bridge dc to dc converter design.

The soft switching technique is a vital step for reducing switching noise. This technique ensures that the switching action will occur when the voltage across the switching device is at a minimum.

By turning the switching device in the converter on and off when there is little voltage across it, the transformer load does not see sharp voltage transients. Eliminating that transient gets rid of much of the high-frequency system noise that would otherwise propagate through the transformer to the output stage.

It also helps reduce the noise that would typically feed back to the source. A built-in RFI filter further reduces conducted power line noise emissions, as well as susceptibility, allowing the supplies to meet EN55022 Class A standards.

The Model VSP12010 dc power supply further reduces the converter's noise by using a "piggy back" linear regulator to follow the conversion stage.

The total effect is to improve the transient response to the changes in load and to reduce output noise and ripple from the DC converter. Along with controlling output noise, the converter and regulator allow the device to offer precise output voltage control.

Available for immediate delivery, the Model VSP12010 dc power supply comes with a user instruction manual and B&K Precision Corporation's one-year warranty.

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