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article image The unit offers a remote programming facility.

B&K Precision Corporation, represented in Australia by Unispan Instruments Pty Ltd , has launched three cost-effective, high-reliability, high-power regulated dc power supplies to their growing product line - the Models 1794, 1795, and 1796. These new high current supplies are suitable for educational, service and maintenance, R&D lab verification, manufacturing and other applications that require clean, reliable power.

These new bench top units provide variable voltage outputs of from 0V dc to 32V dc, and up to 30A for the Model 1794 (from 0V dc to 64V dc) and up to 15A for the Model 1795 (0V dc to 16V dc) and up to 50A for the Model 1796, at continuous operation.

Features common to all three models include:

* Constant voltage/constant current operation

* Remote programming facility

* Facility for presetting the output voltage and max load current limits

* Separate dc output ON/OFF switch

* Remote sensing facility

* High stability and close regulation +/-0.01%

* Meet CE specifications.

The Model 1794 is a cost-effective linear, high current, regulated dc power supply with an output rating of 0 to 32V, 0 to 30A. The Model 1795 has an output rating of 0 to 64V, 0 to 15A. The Model 1796 offers an output rating of 0 to 16V, 0 to 50A.

All three units are suitable for bench top or standard 19" rack operation and can be adjusted continuously throughout the output range. They have been designed to meet the needs of today's applications that require clean reliable power and excellent performance.

Improved circuitry permits the units to offer unmatched line and load regulation (+/-0.01% +/-2mV), low ripple and noise (6mA rms Max (20Hz - 20MHz), stability of +/-02% +/-10mV in CV mode, +/-0.5% +/-10mA in CC mode), and constant current overload protection. Operating temperature range is 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C).

When the units are used as a constant current source, the front panel current controls can be used to limit the output current. When the units are used as a constant voltage source, the front panel voltage controls can be used to limit the output voltage. The units will automatically cross over from constant current to constant voltage and visa-versa if the output current or voltage exceeds these limits.

Output current and voltage are continuously monitored on two front panel meters. The load terminals and remote sense terminals are provided on the front panel. Either the positive or negative output terminal may be grounded or the power supply can be operated floating at up to a maximum of +/-300V dc above ground.

For safety, all three units use 4mm sheathed safety banana jacks. The jacks are designed for safe interfacing and allow the units to meet the latest international safety standards.

The compact units (19" x 5.25" x 25") only weigh 62 lb (28.1 Kg) and used either for bench top or rack mounted applications. Available for immediate delivery.

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