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article image Model 1744 benchtop unit.

B&K Precision has announced the addition of the Model 1744 dc analogue power supply to its expanding product line.

Utilising a standard 240V ac outlet as the power source, the new bench top unit provides variable voltage outputs of 0V dc to 35V dc, and up to 10A at continuous operation.

Available from Unispan , the new dc analogue power supply is suitable for a variety of bench top applications.

The Model 1744's excellent line and load regulation, small footprint, compact profile and price performance makes it an ideal choice for use in a variety of bench top applications.

It offers unique and useful features not normally found in a power supply at this low price, including an output ON/OFF switch and an output-shorting button.

The output on/off switch can turn off the output without turning off the power supply. The shorting button allows the user to short the output so that the current limit can be set.

On most power supplies, the user would have to use a piece of wire to short the output to set the current limit. With the Model 1744, all the user has to do is press and hold this button in to short the output. When the button is released, the output is no longer shorted.

B&K Precision's Model 1744 provides maximum current output continuously hour after hour without overheating, and features a front-panel-mounted precision analogue voltmeter and ammeter.

Other front panel indicators and controls include an OFF/ON power switch, a power LED, overload indicator light, voltage adjustment knob, and shorting button.

The Model 1744 provides variable output voltage of 0V dc to 35V dc, 0A to 10A output current. The system is fully overload protected and features constant voltage/current operation, excellent line and loads regulation and has low ripple and noise characteristics.

The compact bench top unit (5.7" x 10.5" x 15") (145mm x 267mm x 381mm) only weighs 10.8kg and features overload protection, continuously monitored voltage and current output on two meters.

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