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150MHz analogue/digital storage oscilloscope

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article image The Model 5105A oscilloscope.

B+K Precision has announced the addition of the Model 5105A, a cost-effective 150MHz analogue/digital storage oscilloscope.

Available from Unispan , this compact, versatile, easy to use benchtop unit incorporates both a high-end digital scope with a 200MS/s sampling rate.

It combines the advantages of a high-end digital scope with those of a true analogue scope in one compact unit. Its built-in RS232 PC interface allows for the use of a personal computer to capture waveforms or to control the unit.

The Model 5105A, a high-quality scope manufactured in Germany, is ideal for use in education, design, field service, maintenance, manufacturing and quality control.

Upon start-up, the ‘scope automatically undergoes a diagnostic self test to ensure proper operating conditions. Its clear, sharp, easy-on-the-eyes blue display assures accurate readings.

The Model 5105A offers the benefits of both analogue and digital operation in one unit. A single button is used to switch from analogue to digital storage operation.

AUTOSET, another of the unit’s outstanding ease-of-use features, provides automatic setup of time base, vertical axis, and trigger parameters of the signal being measured.

The user can then readjust the time base and vertical axis as required. Up to 17 automatic measurements are displayed by readouts on the screen.

The Model 5105A also offers many user benefits including the capability to store waveforms for analysis, the ability to view/store pre-trigger information, the ability to detect/display/capture complex waveforms, the ability to obtain hard copy printouts of the capture signal, the ability to view slow event, and the ability to view one time event.

It can store up to two waveforms, each 2k x 8 bit long. Two horizontal and vertical cursors allow a choice of measurements on both real time and stored waveforms.

After acquisition, the data can be manipulated and displayed in many different ways. The user can change time base or vertical position, or select which portion of a waveform to look at in more depth. And, the waveform can be compared to a "known-good" waveform in memory.

The user can also interpolate or smooth the waveform to "fill in the gaps".

The Model 5105A offers selectable acquisition modes: the Single Shot Mode for single events; Envelope Mode where each sweep of a repetitive signal accumulates on the screen, building up an envelope view of the signal variations.

The model 5105A offers a variety of front panel controls for ease of use. These include:

* Refresh - trace is updated left to right, display may show only part of Record.

* Roll - Adds new sample to right side of display, display always Shows what's changing. Useful for slow moving signals.

* Single - to store one-shot event for analysis.

* Pretrig - to see what happened before the trigger

* Envelope - to see how the signal fluctuates.

* On-CRT readout for ease of use.

Measuring a compact 11.6" wide by 15.0" deep by 4.9" high, the Model 5105A comes complete with operating manual, software, line cord, and two probes.

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