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Unisonics Australia offers benchtop cleaners and sieve cleaners

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Unisonics Australia  offers a range of products that include benchtop cleaners, sieve cleaners, high performance ST series, console high performance ST series cleaners, blind cleaners, immersible transducer, cleaning fluids, accessories, steam cleaners and jewellery cleaners.

Unisonics Australia offers the FXP series of ultrasonic cleaners that have been designed for dental, medical sectors, laboratories and places where all forms of contagion are carelessly deposited.

Lateral Oscillation Technology is integrated by every unit for consistent cleaning results. The lid is allowed by the internal basket system to seal the working solution by which evaporation is avoided and ultrasonic acoustic level is reduced.

These products have gained popularity in the market due to their easy and clear design along with their quiet and compact operation.

FXP4 benchtop cleaners have 3mm palopaque exterior surfaces, pressed stainless steel tank, on / off switch, polyester coated transducers, basket and lid.

Sieve Cleaners offered by Unisonics Australia have been designed to take away contaminants from the frame and the screen of the sieve.

The two models of sieve cleaners that are available with Unisonics Australia can be used for either 300mm or 200mm sieves. Both models of sieve cleaners are inclusive of basket, rack and lid.

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