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Ultrasonic equipment manufactured and designed by Unisonics Australia

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Ultrasonic equipment are manufactured and designed by Unisonics Australia . This equipment finds application in dental, medical, automotive, laboratory and other several related areas where delicate cleaning of instruments and items is essential.

Both sweep frequency technology at 40 kHz and lateral oscillation is incorporated by the range of cleaning units. Low and high levels of intensity are eliminated by both the processes, thus imparting a consistent outline of ultrasonic energy onto the absorbed items.

The varied customer base of Unisonics Australia includes BHP, Qantas, Telstar, Amcor, Ansto, department of defence, Royal Australian Mint as well as universities and hospitals all over Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Regular servicing of ultrasonic cleaners prevents initial problems which have the potential to create various other problems. To maintain satisfactory levels of cleaning of the instruments or items a regular efficiency test is highly essential.

Cavitation meter is an apparatus by which performance of ultrasonic sound wave can be assessed inside the ultrasonic cleaning chamber. With the meter reading influential areas of incompetence, the sensor probe of the apparatus is deepened into different areas of the tank.

Aluminium foil is another precise method of measuring general performance levels and it is extensively used for onsite and domestic monitoring of sound wave action.

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