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Sample RFID tags from Unique Micro Design

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Unique Micro Design  (UMD) is a specialist provider of sample radio frequency identification tags, supporting industry through a wide range of RFID solutions.

RFID tags are now available online on the UMD website for customers seeking to purchase small quantities or samples of RFID tags including passive LF tags, HF tags and UHF tags.

According to Geoffrey Ramadan, Managing Director and Chief Solutions Architect for UMD, appropriate selection of RFID tags during the proof of concept stage is the starting point for developing many RFID solutions.

Given the many factors that affect the performance of RFID tags, it is essential for customers to test RFID tags in their intended environment. Previously, availability of sample RFID tags in small quantities for testing applications was very limited.

UMD’s new offer is designed to support users and industry through the supply of sample tags for testing.

Offering RFID solutions since 2001, UMD specialises in the supply of RFID tags and readers.

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