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Intermec EasyCoder PM4i barcode and RFID label printer available from Unique Micro Design

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The EasyCoder PM4i is an industrial RFID label and barcode printer, available from Unique Micro Design , designed to for demanding applications and environments. Utilising the latest technology, the PM4i printer features a strong and proven mechanical platform, and powerful newly developed electronics. The EasyCoder PM4i printer acts as a ‘smart client’ executing user-defined programmes.

The EasyCoder PM4i barcode and label printer eliminates the personal computer, operates additional hardware (scanners, other printers, conveyors), accesses information from network host, and retains the ability to change as needed with the application for additional functionality. When using the EasyLAN wireless option for the PM4i, any attached peripheral devices also become part of the wireless infrastructure.

Printer command languages do not restrict the EasyCoder PM4i bar code label printer. The printer can be changed to understand and replace competitive and older Intermec printers without requiring any changes to the host programming or label formats that are currently being used. The EasyCoder PM4i offers great flexibility in the label and roll sizes it can cater for, and with its 32 bit RISC processor, and 8"/second exceptional quality printing, time to first label print is extremely fast.

The printer can be equipped with an internal Ethernet interface for network connectivity, and is prepared for encoding and decoding Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) tags with the inclusion of the RF ID card option.

Following are the features of Intermec EasyCoder PM4i barcode and RFID label printers:

  • DT or TT printing
  • 8" diameter label roll
  • Tear-off or label peel; tickets or tags in rolls or fan-folded
  • Rugged and reliable
  • User friendly, from loading labels to changing the print head operations are quick and easy
  • Intelligent and adaptive, using the fingerprint programming language the PM4i can easily be integrated into any situation
  • Optional Ethernet or IEEE 802.11b radio

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