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ICT solutions in RFID available from Unique Micro Design

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Unique Micro Design  (UMD) provides engineering ICT solutions in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). This reflects Unique Micro Design’s ability to design, manufacture, distribute and integrate RFID technologies in developing RFID data capture solutions.

Unique Micro Design provides products and services in:

  • RFID Passive and Active tages (LF, HF, UHF and Microwave)
  • RFID Inserts
  • RFID Fixed Readers
  • RFID Hand Held Readers
  • Mobile Computing Devices with Inbuilt RFID
  • RFID Data Capture Networks
  • RFID Site Surveys and Installation
  • Custom development of RFID Devices and Interfaces
  • Architectural systems design and implementation
  • RFID Workshops

Unique Micro Design offers RFID technology from:

  • Intermec Technologies (UHF technology) - a global leader in RFID
  • Magellan Technology (HF technology) - a global leader in Stacked RFID tags
  • Texas Instruments (LF technology)
  • Infineon (HF technology)
  • Advanced Micorwave Engineering - Active Tags
  • mems-ID
  • Unique Micro Design products and custom designs

As RFID represents a range of technologies no single RFID vendor (and tag) can provide a solution to fit all applications. Thus access to a broad range of technology offerings is important.

Furthermore, Unique Micro Design's engineering ICT solutions capability is well suited to RFID implementation, as RFID solutions need to be engineered.

For example, consideration needs to be given to:

  • Physics of tags, readers, and materials
  • Environmental considerations
  • Type and placement of tags
  • Data management
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Interfaces and sensors to just to name a few

Unique Micro Design's RFID offering is provisioned through its Technology Integration Divison which provides product, support and a range of professional technical services to Systems Integrators.

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