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Fujitsu A501 RFID tags available from Unique Micro Design

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Fujitsu A501 "linen" RFID tags, available from Unique Micro Design  are an ideal solution for maximizing laundry management effectiveness. 

These "linen" RFID tags are can be used on a variety of textiles such as towels, mats, uniforms, garments. Fujitsu A501 tags are heatproof, waterproof and pressure and alkaline resistant which makes them especially suited for use in hospitals, leisure facilities and hotels.

The RFID tags are flat and flexible which makes them suitable for insertion into seams or linings of cotton, woollen and synthetic garments and manchester. The high durability of the tags, combined with their flexible nature, makes them ideal for unobtrusive inclusion into any textile product.

Fujitsu A501 RFID tags feature:

  • Flexible UHF Tag ideal for garment inclusion
  • Permanent prewritten tag serial number
  • Multiple attachment options
  • Highly resistant to laundry processes
  • Up to 100 cm read range in real world applications

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