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Value-added engineering services offered by Unimech GreenAire (Aust)

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Unimech GreenAire (Aust)  is a subsidiary of Unimech Group Berhad which is one of the most important value add engineering business group in Malaysia.

The primary business activities of Unimech GreenAire (Aust), one of the subsidiaries of Unimech Group Berhad, include fabrication, designing, testing, installation and commissioning of industrial plants and equipment for heating, steam generation and fluid conveyance piping works, combustion systems as well as for overhaul and maintenance of engineering equipment and their parts replacement services.

Along with the value-added engineering services, Unimech GreenAire (Aust) also offers consultancy on exhaust stock design, air pollution control, process and plant monitoring and recording systems.

In line with industrial development in Malaysia, Unimech GreenAire (Aust) has consequently diversified into manufacturing and designing various kinds of residential and industrial valves, steel flanges, strainers, rubber expansion bellows, pipe fittings, roller, gaskets, vibration absorption sheets and polyurethane casting and extrusion products.

Unimech GreenAire (Aust) is also establishing building up distribution centres and plants in China according to cost competitiveness and resources.

Unimech GreenAire (Aust) has increased its research and development activities in every facet of process innovation and product design, thus moving towards manufacturing better value-added products in addition to improving present production processes and techniques.

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