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High-res inkjet offers clean performance

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article image Codajet 6000 -- mess free.

A CLEAN, versatile, ultra-high resolution inkjet coder has been released by Unimark . The unit is competitively priced, user-friendly and only requires low maintenance.

The UK-manufactured Sauven Codajet 6000's ultra-high resolution electric heads deliver fine droplets of ink on demand for mess-free performance and sharp, legible results, even for small fonts.

With a character size range from 1.8mm to 17mm, a single Codajet 6000 can print on primary and shipping packs, eliminating the need to invest in both small and medium-size character printers. Up to four lines of print can be achieved, depending on font size.

Further enhancing its flexibility, the Codajet 6000 is compatible with coloured or black inks to suit a wide range of materials, such as cartons, PET bottles, glass, polypropylene, flexible packaging, plasterboard, paper, rubber and metal.

Its compact size and standard remote print head allows for vertical or horizontal operation, making installation easy where space is at a premium.

The RS232 and RS485 computer interfaces allow for networking into a fully integrated packaging system, while the on-board software offers operators full control.

The Codajet 6000's pictorial keys simplify sophisticated programming functions such as date, time, shift and count functions and auto repeat print. Up to 100 messages, including barcodes and logos can be stored for easy retrieval.

While new to Australia, the Sauven Codajet 6000 is well established throughout Europe, the USA and Asia, with references from industry heavyweights, such as Glaxo SmithKline, Proctor & Gamble, Cadbury and Nestle.

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