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GSK Ermington in Sydney’s north-western suburbs runs both toothpaste lines and liquid packaging lines, producing household names like Macleans and Children’s Panadol. 

The liquid packaging area incorporates three lines running at 100 to 120 bottles per minute. These bottles are fed into shrink wrappers in single file and emerge from a heat tunnel in two lanes of shrink-wrapped packs. The packs then travel side by side, approximately 150mm apart, and are subsequently labelled with two Cimjet print and apply units.

The solution was to standardise on Cimjet 334 print and apply units from Unimark. The Cimjet’s compact design includes a user friendly onboard controller, eliminating the need for a space consuming external personal computer. The operators could access data from an internal database using the Cimjets, while any variable information required could be entered from the integrated interface. The Cimjet was also proven in terms of performance, with a reliable track record on another GSK line. 

A special configuration was developed for the liquids packaging line to eliminate the floor mounted stands, without compromising access for maintenance and consumable replenishment. 

Because of the narrow 150mm gap between the lanes of product, the Cimjets are mounted to face each other across the conveyor. The custom designed mounts have a raft of clever features, such as height adjustment, horizontal sliding brackets to position the labels on the packs and a support arm that rotates through 90 degrees so operators can change consumables easily. 

The Cimjets print product description and net weights or volumes, EAN bar codes, item numbers, bundle quantities, expiry dates, batch numbers, and a real time stamp, and also offer barcode verification scanners with output function to control reject devices.

The Cimjet At a Glance:

On-board label database (no dedicated PC required)
Simple to use interface
Purpose-built unit with compact design
On-board diagnostics, graphics capable, ribbon save, verification scanner ready
Interchangeable applicators to suit tamp, blow-on, wipe-on, corner wrap and adjacent side labelling
Ideal for EAN bar code label applications
Easy to network – equipped with RS232/422 and Ethernet (up to 62 units can be networked using optional CimControl software). 
The Basics:

Apply Rate:                   Up to 180 labels per minute
Label Size Range:          From 25mm x 25mm to 160mm x 450mm
Print Head:                    Available in 4” or 6” options
Apply:                            Side, bottom, top, back, corner wrap and adjacent side


Active pack detection sensor for variable height or width packs standards
Cylinder home sensor, with fault warning to prevent applicator damage
Label gap sensor standard
Foil detect sensor standard
Low label warning sensor standard
2 product detect sensors included to start print and apply sequence.

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