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Maintenance services and POS system offered by Uni-Net Services

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Uni-Net Services  offers outsourcing maintenance services to its clients. Part of the I.T. related services such as servicing, maintenance, graphic design, programming and data entry are being outsourced by more and more businesses.

Services related to fax server are also offered by Uni-Net Services. Fax server is a new technology. New ways to send and receive fax by internet broadband is offered by fax server. Key benefits of fax server include fax to email and fax from email can be received, paper and ink for printing can be saved and email to fax by means of fax server can be sent.

Apart from these services, Uni-Net Services also offers various products. The products offered by Uni-Net Services also include POS system. Products under POS system include POS software application for rental, POS software application for retail, POS software application for restaurant, POS mini-kiosk system, POS kiosk system, POS 660 series, POS 460 series and POS Slim PC series.

POS software application for rental has been designed for every kind of industry that offers rental services such as CD, DVD, jewellery, movie, wedding services, electric appliance and books. An entire platform for better efficiency and computerized solution and management is provided by POS software application for rental.

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