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Structural expansion bearings and bearings offered by Unasco

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Unasco  offers a wide range of mouldings which include injection moulding, automatic moulding and compression moulding. Small to large parts in a broad variety of quantities can be produced by Unasco.

Moulding technology also includes injection moulding which is not usually connected with processors of fluoropolymers. This shows the broad variety of skills in dealing with several technologies and materials to offer the market with the most suitable choices and the diversity of Unasco.

Unasco has invested a large amount in processing and moulding equipment to make sure that clients have wide options in their applications.

Unasco also offers SBX structural Expansion Bearings. Fabreeka Structural Expansion Bearings to accommodate beam end rotation and thermal expansion. These bearings also absorb vibration, shock and structure-borne noise.

Fabreeka bearing pad offered by Unasco consists of various layers of cotton-polyester duck that are impregnated with rubber of high quality. Loads of up to 12,000 psi before breakdown can be survived by the pad.

Few of the usual applications of Fabreeka Structural Expansion Bearing pads include bridges made of steel or concrete, buildings, load cells, pipelines, structures of every type and tanks.

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