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Sealing systems and extruded components offered by Unasco

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Unasco  offers a broad variety of alternative solutions. The engineers of Unasco are competent for solving problems. Unasco manufactures its own machine shops and processing equipment. The technology of Unasco has been sourced through a comprehensive network of industry specialists and leading suppliers.

A broad variety of sealing systems and materials are designed and manufactured by Unasco. Unasco has the systems and products to suit every need, whether it is for plumbing applications where there is requirement for sealing pipe threads or for tightly particular sealing systems for military applications.

Unasco has experience in the manufacture and supply of sealing products and has become one of the leaders in technology and design. The products offered by Unasco include compounds, thread seal tapes and anti-seize pastes for a broad variety of applications.

Sealing systems offered by Unasco consist of glide rings, O rings, wear rings and channel seals in a broad variety of engineering materials.

Unasco also produces a broad variety of extruded components. Unasco has the ability to produce almost any product by the use of extrusion technology that include products ranging from stock shapes in a broad variety of materials to specialised custom and tubing shapes.

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