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Industrial products and technical products offered by Umcos Trading

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Umcos Trading  is one of the leading distribution and sales companies which serves both the industrial and hardware markets. Umcos Trading has the capacity to source and offer a wide variety of products through its supply network which is located in domestic and overseas areas.

There are several advantages of dealing with Umcos Trading such as experience, people, efficiency, market coverage and streamline ordering.

Umcos Trading has long standing experience in sales and distribution and it has skilled staffs who handle the product and technical enquiries of customers.

Umcos Trading is a result orientated team and its staffs are focused on offering friendly and reliable services to their customers.

Umcos Trading is efficient in offering products and services to its clients. Stock is already available in the warehouses and the response time and accuracy of orders are key factors in its customer service.

Umcos Trading offers wide variety of industrial products. A range of technical products which measure temperature, pressure, flow and level are offered to a wide variety of industries that include air-conditioning, manufacturing, mechanical services, defence, healthcare and food and wine production.

Products that are offered by Umcos Trading under the industrial category include gauges, thermometers, level indicators and flow switches, fittings, valves and an inclusive range of spare parts, industrial castors and wheels.

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