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Vehicle wash water reclaim system exported by Ultraspin

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Ultraspin has successfully exported its VR35 vehicle wash water reclaim system to Imperial Oil (ESSO) in Charlesbourg, Quebec, Canada.

Ultraspin is successfully selling its vehicle wash water reclaim systems to the major oil companies in Australia and is now exploring the opportunities in Canada.

The system was designed to comply with the electrical UL standards in Canada. Ultraspin installed the system in October 2006 at a touch free carwash.

The Ultraspin system is providing 3500 L/h of recycled water and features an ozone disinfection module.

The car wash uses 47L of water per wash. It is estimated that the Ultraspin vehicle wash water reclaim system will be used for 35,000 cycles per year.

The Ultraspin water reclaim system is used to reclaim and enable re-use of all water from the vehicle wash bay which is collected in underground pits.

The benefits of Ultraspin water reclaim system recognised by the client are:

  • Reduced water supply costs, sewer discharge costs, system operating costs and pit pump out costs
  • Reduced water usage by up to 85% which places less strain on valuable water resources
  • Removal of contaminants from the water and addition of oxygen to the water, which keeps the reclaim water fresh and clean and
  • No use of chemicals and limitation in growth of odour producing anaerobic bacteria

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