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Ultraspin Technology supply Pilbara iron ore mine with heavy vehicle wash reclaim system

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article image Ultraspin ES15 Water Treatment System

Ultraspin Technology recently supplied a Yandi iron ore mine in Pilbara with a heavy vehicle wash reclaim system with oily water separartion and solid separation systems to replace an existing coalescing plate pack system that was not able to meet the required TPH discharge standards of 10mg/L.

The current Yandi ore mine's vehicle wash reclaim system's performance was inefficient and undersized for the flow on site. Ultraspin Technology's solution to this problem was to supply a water treatment system comprised of an ES15 oily water separator, HS15 heavy solids separator with a helical rotor pump and strainer assembly, water reuse-aeration tank, and an oily water collection tank.

Designed to meet the stringent 10mg/L discharge requirements, the new Ultraspin heavy vehicle wash reclaim system is a skid mounted system, that removes oil, grease and solids from the vehicle wash down water, as well as aerate the treated water to remove dissolved hydrocarbons. The fluid properties of the process effluent water that are most important for the Ultraspin system are:

  • oil water density difference (the less dense the oil the better)
  • oil droplet size (worse with the use of harsh cleaning chemicals)
  • water temperature (the warmer the better)
  • water viscosity.
The dirty vehicle wash water flowed into a dirty water pit supplied by others that contained a silt trap inlet section overflowing into a collection pit. Water overflows via a perforated sheet screen with 10mm holes. This screen prevents 10mm plus material from entering the pump suction side of the pit.

The Ultraspin Technology water treatment system draws water from the collection pit using a stainless steel free floating skimmer which once treated is discharged iinto the evaporation ponds. The removed oily contaminants are stored in an oily water decant tank, which contains a high oil outlet that flows to a separate oil collection tank. This oil tank must be periodically emptied.

The Ultraspin heavy vehicle wash reclaim system is a three stage water treatment system whose objective is to treat the oily water so that it meets the discharge standard. The three stages are:

  1. separate light contaminants such as grease, oils, waxes and light solids like some plastics
  2. treat dissolved hydrocarbons and remove neutrally buoyant material, such as plastics, organics and dirt which is heavily coated in oil
  3. aerate the water to keep in Aerobic with high oxygen levels.

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