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Oil water separators from Ultraspin Technology

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Since 1983, Ultraspin Technology has provided clients in Australia and around the world with complete, turnkey solutions in the area of oil water separators to combat the challenges of dealing with oily water.

Ultraspin offers its clients a range of efficient and cost-effective solutions to treat water containing oils, fats and grease.

As well as equipment supply, Ultraspin also offers advanced testing and site analysis, feasibility studies including design and installation, commissioning and service.
Many major mining companies are Ultraspin customers, because of the versatility of its oil water separators.

On site, Ultraspin equipment is used for light and heavy vehicle wash areas, fuel bunded areas, maintenance workshops and groundwater remediation.
The treated water can then be recycled in vehicle wash bays, used for dust suppression or used for mine drill water.

Unlike other oil water separators, Ultraspin's patented technology achieves high separation efficiency without the use of chemicals, by utilising centrifugal forces.
During the process, oil is separated at more than one thousand times the force of gravity, making Ultraspin units very effective.

Ultraspin's oil water separators range in capability from 3500 litres per hour to more than 600,000 litres per hour and the only moving parts involved in the process are in the systems pump, so maintenance is minimal.

Using Ultraspin's oil water separators, treated water meets discharge requirements for total petroleum hydrocarbons and oil and grease.

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