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OS35 Oily Water Separator Installed by Ultraspin Technology for Mining Vehicle Wash

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article image Ultraspin OS35 oily water separation system on a galvanised bund including aeration

An oily water separation system was installed by Ultraspin Technology at the Newmont Tanami mine site to treat dirty water from their mining vehicle wash.  

The Newmont Tanami mine site had an existing Coalescing Plate Separator (CPS) system to treat the water from the mining vehicle wash. Unable to meet the discharge specifications of 30 mg/l, the company decided to install Ultraspin’s oily water separator.  

Ultraspin evaluated the Newmont site problem and offered their Model OS35 oily water separator.  

Key features of Ultraspin oily water separators

  • Treated flow of 3,500 L/h
  • Offers free, emulsified and dissolved oil treatment
  • Protects against costly and damaging oil spills
  • Dissolved oil is treated by the Ultraspin aeration tank
  • Treats volatile organics and BTEX components
  • Increases dissolved oxygen levels
  • Maintains aerobic conditions to prevent anaerobic conditions, stagnant water, smells and low pH
  • Simple ‘plug and play’ installation

Ultraspin oil water separators are supplied in a self-contained bund. To comply with environmental and OH&S regulations, oily water treatment systems must be installed in a bunded area to capture and prevent oil spills.  

Since constructing a bund onsite can be expensive and inconvenient, Ultraspin pre-installs the OS35 oil water separation systems on a galvanised steel bund.  

The dirty water flows into a dirty water pit containing a silt trap inlet section overflowing into a collection pit.  

Water overflows via a perforated sheet screen with 10mm holes, preventing material sized over 10mm from entering the pump. The Ultraspin water treatment system draws water from the collection pit.  

The final treated water is discharged to the evaporation ponds. Removed oily contaminants are stored in an oily water decant tank, which contains a high oil outlet that flows to a separate oil collection tank.  

The Ultraspin oily water separator follows a 3-stage water treatment system designed to meet the discharge standard of 30 mg/l. 

  • Stage 1 separates light contaminants such as grease, oils, waxes and light solids including some plastics in addition to suspended solids that adhere to the separated oil particles
  • Stage 2 treats dissolved hydrocarbons and removes neutrally buoyant material such as plastics, organics and dirt heavily coated in oil
  • Stage 3 aerates the water to keep it in aerobic condition with high oxygen levels

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